steven jenkins

Private Gym

Just you, me and your goals.

Exercising in privacy is a must for many of us. It is not just for those who feel self-conscious around others, it is for anyone who doesn’t want to be interrupted during a workout, or is simply tired of waiting for equipment to be free for use.

Private Gym
Private Gym Equipment
Dumbbell Free Weight Training
BOSU Training
Balance & Coordination Training
Free Weight Training
Speed Ball Training
Flexibility Training
Calf Training
Leg Muscle Training
Treadmill Training
Spin Cycle Training
Upright Bike Training
Cross Trainer / Eliptical Training
Cable Strength Training
Body Suspension Training
Kettle-bell Training
Step Training
Shield Training
MMA Training
Strap Training
Leg Press Training
Kick-bag Training
Punchbag Training
Agility Ladder Training
Sparring Dummy BOB Training
Sparrring Dummy BOB Training
Pull up/Chin Up Training

What's Offered

  • Fully Equipped Gym
  • Large Matted Area
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Leg Training Equipment
  • Cable Machine
  • Large Dumbbell Rack
  • Kettlebells/Medicine Balls
  • Punch Bags/Speedball
  • Sparring Dummy (Bob)
  • Strike Shields/Focus Pads
  • Large Sparring Area
  • Stability Balls/BOSU
  • Suspension Training
  • Bathroom Facilities
  • Seating area
  • Car-Parking
  • Air conditioning
  • Shared sessions with friends & family (see prices)


  • Total privacy
  • No interruptions
  • Increase confidence
  • No sharing equipment
  • Stress relief
  • No distractions
  • Improve general fitness
  • No need of a babyssitter – bring your children