steven jenkins


Why wait until the worst has happens before you act!

A popular assumption is that self-defence focuses entirely on fighting, but in actual fact the majority of self-defence focuses on avoidance, awareness & verbal skills. It is essential that a person is able to physically defence themselves against an attacker. But only as a last resort!

Self-defence - wrist grab releaseSelf-defence - clothing grab release

What's Offered

  • Avoidance Skills
  • Verbal Techniques
  • Approach Methods
  • Correct Stance Training
  • Wrist Releases
  • Choke Releases
  • Clothing Releases
  • Headlock Escape
  • Bearhug Escape
  • Blocks
  • Legal factors
  • Shared sessions with friends & family (see prices)


  • Better Protection
  • Increased Awareness
  • Better Understanding of Others
  • Total Privacy
  • Tailor-made Programs
  • Increased confidence
  • Friendly, professional approach
  • Safe & effective techniques
  • No need of a babysitter – bring your children