steven jenkins


"I contacted Steve after finally realising I didn't have the self-discipline to stick with a normal gym routine. Seven weeks later I've lost half a stone and increased my strength by approximately 20%. What's more I'm enjoying it!"
Chris Prescott | Data Consultancy
"No exaggeration! My exercise sessions with Steve have changed my life. My rheumatoid arthritis had caused me to shut down, tighten up and restrict my movement. Steve changed that. I can move, I'm relaxed and my joints are free of confinement. All that and I'm getting fit and losing weight - what more could I ask for. Oh yes, he's quite a nice bloke too. Highly recommended!"
Pam Rees | Retired
"After doing Zumba and kettle bell for the past couple of years and experiencing chronic intermittent back pain during that time, my back finally “went” in February 2013. After appointments with physios, chiropractors and having MRI, CT and X-rays, I was diagnosed with bulging discs, compression of the spinal nerves, causing sciatica and spondylosis. I couldn’t bend, I could barely walk and driving was agony. I was also gaining weight. I wanted to get fit but worried about making my back condition worse. "

"I met Steve in April 2013 and have been having a session with him once a week. During that time Steve has given me back my confidence. He has devised an exercise programme that works within my limitations and ensures that any exercises I do are not putting pressure on my lower back. He also gave me nutritional advice. I’m doing more now than I ever thought I would be able to do: circuit training, kick boxing, weights, Pilates, and I am in better shape than I ever was when I was doing Zumba and kettle bell. I’ve lost weight, feel fitter and have far better muscle tone and flexibility, my stomach is flat, my bingo wings have gone and my legs are slim and toned. Most importantly, my back is stronger and I have not suffered from any back pain, stiffness or sciatica. "

"I can’t thank Steve enough and I look forward to our weekly sessions. Because Steve is constantly changing the things we do, I am never bored and don’t realise just how hard I am working!! Don’t bother with the slimming classes or the gym membership, Steve is all you need."
Laura Newcombe | Office Worker
"Steven has been training me for the past 3 years at his private gym. My fitness levels and strength have greatly improved, and I have lost a considerable amount of weight.

I thought I wouldn't be able to stick it 3 weeks let alone 3 years, but his variations in each session have kept me interested. In some sessions we do weight training and boxing, in other sessions we do running and even kickboxing. I would strongly recommend Steve to anyone who is keen to lose weight or improve their fitness levels.
Naldo Diana | Coleg Sir Gar Hair & Beauty
"I have been doing one-to-one kick boxing with Steve for 9 years. I didn’t have the confidence at the beginning to join a club (and being a woman I was a little self conscious!!) so I decided to try one-to-one. I have worked my way through the gradings and I am now black belt. I spar with Steve and different clients of his every week which builds confidence and fitness. Steve is a great trainer and is really easy to get on with. I would recommend Steve to anyone and it doesn’t matter what your age is or whether you’re male or female"
Cath Fuge | Paramedic
"For a long time I had let my work interfere with my health and fitness, so when I finally picked the phone up to call Steve I was really pleased that it was he who put me back on the road to exercise. He is a really genuine guy, who is very polite and is always coming up with new exercises to ensure that I don't fall into the same trap of putting myself last and my work first. He really does inspire self-respect and self-confidence."

"Weight loss and general fitness was my original plan, but when he convinced me to try a little kickboxing to keep things interested I was instantly addicted. I will never go to an overcrowded gym again, and I will continue to exercise while I'm physically able to. If I could I would tell the world about Steve, but the best I can do is tell everyone I know and will know in the future."
Cherry Patel | Company Director
"I started knowing that I needed to get fitter and to be in better shape. To be honest I thought I would not last the week as I had very low self-esteem and thought I would be very bored with doing sets and not have the patience to see any change. How wrong could I have been. Steven becomes a friend as well as a trainer, he mixes being professional with being a listening ear and makes efforts to get to know you, and will do what he can to help with any areas you're not happy with. I would beat myself up (literally) and tell Steven how I hate my stomach, but with his words of comfort and humour I go home after a session feeling so much better about myself. The great thing I've noticed that Steven does is that he carries on working as your trainer between sessions by thinking up different ways of dealing with your trouble areas. This makes me feel he really cares and that I am in safe hands."

"Seven years on, my self-esteem has grown, from long hair covering my face to short hair and a much leaner and stronger body. Boring!?? No way, Steven makes sure that all areas of your fitness are covered and changes the routine from time to time. "

"One last point, he is happy to mix things up. For example he gets me to do 20 mins of cross Trainer followed by mixed weights, kickboxing (never thought I'd be doing that, and get my first belt at 37), and then ends with Pilates."
Martin Bover | Self Employeed